Who Was Kurt Perez? The Black List Season 9

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Kurt Perez
Kurt Perez

In the latest episode of the hit Netflix series The Blacklist, Season 9, they paid a heartfelt tribute to Blacklist Kurt Perez. He was one of the respected members of the crew team of the popular Netflix TV series.

According to official reports, blacklist Kurt Perez was driving on the State Parkway when he suddenly lost control and his vehicle crashed into a tree. Unfortunately, he did not survive the accident and was found dead by local police. Kurt was 50 years old and did great in his acting career. According to the findings of the authorities, they determined that wet road conditions were the reason for Kurtz Perez’s death.

Know everything about The Blacklist Kurt Perez

As we read above, Kurtz Perez received heartfelt condolences from the Season 9 crew of The Blacklsit. The audience was so engrossed in this season until the end that they wanted to know more about the actor. In the end, most viewers got emotional and offered their condolences to this smart actor. As we have received thousands of messages regarding Kurt Perez on the Blacklist. While some people in our comments box said he was a respectable member of the production crew. Therefore, in this article, we have provided all the information about the actor, such as B. Who is Kurt Perez, the blacklist, and Kurt Perez’s Wikipedia, the blacklist compiled. Read to know all the details about him.

Who is Kurt Perez on The Blacklist?

Kurt Perez was an admirable crew member on The Blacklsit, a very riveting crime series. Information about the actor’s contribution to the Kurt Perez team members’ blacklist is not in the public domain. Internal sources reveal that he played a pivotal role in the making of the previous season of The Blacklist. Season 9 of Blacklist was scheduled for May 20th.

Heartfelt tribute from The Blacklist team to the cast and crew

For the unfortunate death of Blacklist Kurt Perez, the team has already paid tribute in the 9th season of the popular web series. In the 6th episode of the 8th season of this web series, the team offered their condolences and tribute to popular actor Clark Middleton. He played the character of Glen Carter as a DMV employee and directed 13 consecutive episodes for that series. When Clark Middleton died on October 20, 2021, at the age of 63 in a hospital battling West Nile Virus.

In our research, we found that prolific creator Jon Bokenkamp said in a news report that he used to work with Clark and had a warm relationship with him. He also said that they used to go to parties, dinners, press events, and the movies together and even went on vacations together.

Then the team at The Blacklist also extended their condolences to member Brian Dennehy through a special episode in 2020. Because Brian Dennehy also died in April 2020 at the age of 81. He played the role of Katarina Rostovem, the Russian spy and grandfather of Elizabeth Enthusiastic about the Blacklist season.

Why is the whole episode 19 of The Blacklist dedicated to Kurt Perez?

A Kurt Perez Blacklist actor, he was a respected crew member of the Blacklist thriller series for several years. Died in an unfortunate car accident and age 50. According to media reports, the accident was fatal and the actor died on the spot. He was driving his Ford Explorer on the Autobahn and due to wet road conditions, the car lost control and crashed into a tree at high speed. As a result, he was unable to survive with fatal injuries in the southbound lanes.

For the record, people who don’t know “Who is Kurt Perez the Blacklist” are unaware of his commitment to the team and his work on set. He spent many hours on set and his absence permanently damaged the crew of The Blacklist.

As the actors fell into deep shock, we found several posts from the team members on their social media profiles expressing their condolences to Kurt. Dena Oliveri, a makeup artist for the Blacklsit, posted an emotional post on her Instagram with the caption, “In the memory of Kurt Perez.” Her post appeared after the conclusion of season 9 of The Blacklist.


The Blacklsit team has a remarkable record of honoring the deceased members of the official crew on multiple occasions in front of the media and magazines. For Season 8 Episode 6, the team dedicated the entire episode to actor Clark Middleton, who died in a hospital battling a deadly virus. Clark acted as Glen Carter in a total of 13 episodes as a DMV staffer. In October 2020, at the age of 63, he lost the battle of his life to the deadly virus in a hospital. We read how they dedicated the 19th episode to the admirable member Kurt Perez worldwide. Starbucks Cups

That kind of crew team sympathy is hard to find. This just goes to show that the members and cast are emotionally connected and have had an intense, warm relationship with each other without discrimination.

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