Toy Boy Season 3 Release Date: Is This Series On Netflix?

By admin Dec7,2023
Toy Boy Season 3
Toy Boy Season 3

Wondering when will Toy Boy season 3 premiere? Let’s talk about it! Toy Boy a Spanish thriller drama series focuses on the story of stripper Hugo Beltrán who is set free pending retrial after spending 7 years in prison. Hugo is now dedicated to finding out the real truth and making it come to light that his lover framed him for the murder of her husband.

The actors did a great job in the series. There’s great plotting making it more engaging for the audience. The whole series follows him proving a crime he did not commit. A lot of things come to light during the narrative. Kokoa TV

Is Toy Boy Season 3 Happening?

There is no official confirmation on Toy Boy season 3. The series is quite popular among the audience but the happening of another season is still kept under wraps. If there’s a third season we might see a more engaging storyline.

An announcement did state that there’s a possibility for season three but the official words are not out yet. If there’s another season then we can expect it by 2024. The series did perform amazingly and the new season will likely pick up from where the second season left off. 

Toy Boy season 3 release date

Toy Boy Season 3 Expected Cast

The spectators are curious about the cast list of Toy Boy season 3. The main characters did leave a lasting impact on the audience. If there’s a third season we will most likely see the main cast in action once again. 

  • Jess Mosquera as Hugo Beltrán González
  • María Pedraza as Triana Marín
  • José de la Torre as Iván
  • Pedro Casablanc as inspector Zapata
  • Carlo Costanzia as Jairo Soto
  • Adelfa Calvo as Doña Benigna Rojas Romero
  • Carlos Scholz as Oscar
  • Nía Castro as Claudia

Is There Toy Boy Season 3 Trailer?

Are you waiting for the Toy Boy season 3 official trailer too? At the moment, there’s no Toy Boy season 3 trailer because the confirmation of another season is not announced. If we get to watch another season we might expect the trailer after the filming and before the release of the season.

Toy Boy Season 3 Release Date

Fans eagerly await the unveiling of Toy Boy Season 3, buzzing with anticipation for the latest chapter of this gripping series. The suspense builds as enthusiasts scour the internet for any whispers of a release date, hoping to dive back into the thrilling world of Toy Boy on Netflix.


Toy Boy received mediocre viewership in the domestic release but when added to Netflix it gained a lot of popularity. We know there’s no official confirmation of another season but we will keep you posted if we hear anything about it.

If you want to stay updated on another season’s release then we got you covered. Have any doubts? Then feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We will get back to you soon. You can catch up on the two seasons of Toy Boy on the streaming platform Netflix. Have fun watching! 


Is Toy Boy Cancelled?

There’s no official confirmation on the cancelation of the series yet. We are still waiting for Toy Boy season 3 to be renewed.

Is There a Toy Boy Season 3 Trailer?

Not yet. The third season of Toy Boy is not confirmed therefore we don’t have a trailer. If we get season 3 then we can expect teasers and trailers.

Where Can I Watch Toy Boy Season 3?

You can’t catch up on Toy Boy season 3 yet because the series has not been confirmed by the streaming platform or the team!

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