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Explore Sporcle, a trivia and quiz website founded by Matt Ramme. Play, create, and challenge your knowledge in various categories. Find out multiplayer games, earn badges, and enjoy mobile apps for trivia enthusiasts. Join the fun today!

What is Sporcle?


Matt Ramme, a trivia fan, founded the website Sporcle, which features pub quizzes. When the website was first established on April 23, 2007, users could create and take quizzes on a variety of topics, and they could also earn badges by completing tasks. Sporcle is a combination of “sports” and “oracle.” More than a million user-generated quizzes on Sporcle have been played more than five billion times. 2018 saw the website add weekly live pub quizzes to its repertoire of activities.

The company’s main offices are in the Detroit metropolitan region and Seattle.


In a few Sporcle games, players must name every object inside a specific category, such as US presidents, Best Picture winners, or nations whose names are also Scrabble terms. In addition, quizzes might contain slideshows, photos, crossword puzzles, and a map.

Instead of competing against other users in real-time showdowns, players can challenge other users with their results and take solo quizzes with or without a timeframe. Quizzes may be classified into eight different game types: Minefield, Forced Order, Entering the answers in any order, Classic, Clickable, Grid, Map, Multiple Choice, Picture Box, Picture Click, and Slideshow. The quiz makers decide what kind of questions to ask and how to answer them.


Entertainment, Gaming, Geography, History, Holiday, Just for Fun, Language, Literature, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music, Religion, Science, Sports, and Television are the 15 categories into which the games on Sporcle may be classified. There are several subcategories within each category. The two categories that are usually played are geography and sports.



Although Ramme thought Sporcle would be more appealing to senior citizens, students also utilize the website. The ‘College Rankings’ competition was a feature of Sporcle’s homepage from October 2010 to October 2017. It monitored students from various institutions who registered on the site and rated the top 100 universities based on their weekly usage of Sporcle. Thousands of different people play the Sporcle quizzes that are embedded on hundreds of websites, including Mental Floss ESPN, several blogs on SB Nation, and more.


While it’s free to register on the website, only members may make quizzes, monitor their playing statistics, receive achievement badges, and review and comment on other people’s work.

On October 13, 2016, Sporcle revealed that customers may select an optional “Sporcle Orange” membership, which would remove advertisements and offer more features for a monthly cost. In a forum post, Derek Pharr, vice president of Sporcle, stated that “all the features currently offered will remain free.”


With its August 2012 release, Sporcle introduced badges with conditions attached, such as having users do assignments on particular days and taking particular quizzes. Every Tuesday, Sporcle adds a new badge; some of the previous ones include “Time Bandit” and “Shiver Me Timbers!”

Over 1,300 badges are available on Sporcle as of right now, and they have been earned over 50 million times.



Three unique multiplayer game styles are available on Sporcle: Showdowns, Live 5, and Trivia Bingo. In showdowns, participants compete against other Sporcle users to complete as many quiz questions as possible before the other participants can. Users on Live 5 are presented with five questions, each of which has four possible answers. In Trivia Bingo, players compete against other players to earn Bingo by clicking on the board square that corresponds to the answer to a specific question.

Making quizzes

Completing quizzes

Quizzes of all kinds and categories can be contributed by users. Everyone has access to see and participate in public quizzes. Many go through a staff screening process before being posted on the site. Although they can continue to create new quizzes as drafts or private quizzes, users are only allowed to contribute 50 quizzes every month. The creator’s profile page is the only way to access private quizzes that are open for public play.

Quiz publication system

On Sporcle’s homepage, a minimum of twelve new quizzes are posted each day. This has four ‘Daily Dose’ quizzes (Word Ladder, Missing Word, Quick Pick, and Get The Picture) at the foot of the day’s section, in addition to other quizzes from different categories and genres. These tests have a structure that is identical to all other tests in the same category and frequently use wordplay. Every published quiz has a bespoke blurb on the first page, usually a pun of some kind, that explains the question. Every publication is carefully chosen by the admin staff of Sporcle.


There are also editors and curators on Sporcle. These users have the option to “pick” user-made tests that they think belong on the sites of the relevant categories and subcategories.

Mobile apps


2010 app for iPhone and Android from Sporcle had 250 games; however, it has since been updated to include any compatible quiz. Sporcle has an Alexa app as well.

To locate local trivia nights, RSVP for events, and access visual rounds, live trivia players can use the Sporcle Live app on their iPhone or Android device.

For group trivia play, Sporcle released the “Sporcle Party” app for iPhone and Android in April 2020. The app has many trivia categories; all users may access Odds and Ends, Movie Maniac, Fun for All, Sporty Sports, and Geography Buff. The app allows for the purchase of a wide range of other categories.

Word Ladder is an app that Sporcle released for Android and iPhone in December 2020.

Additionally, Sporcle released a brand-new app with the same name for iPhone and Android in March 2023. This app is compatible with all of the quiz content found on the website.

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