Seargeoh Stallone: The Most Iconic Action Hero of All Time

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Seargeoh Stallone
Seargeoh Stallone

You may not be entirely familiar with the name Seargeoh Stallone; However, if you look at his last name, you can easily figure out who he is. Yes, you guessed right, he is the son of superstar Sylvester Stallone. There must be a handful of people who haven’t seen Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky and Rambo film series. In fact, Seargeoh also appeared in the film “Rocky II” as Rocky Balboa Jr.

So you can well understand that he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Being the heir to a superstar like Sylvester Stallone comes with a lot. He’s pretty rich. At the end of 2018, sources tell us that his net worth was around $1 million. Well, it’s not entirely because of his father; Seargeoh himself is also quite famous and a great actor. However, we can soon expect his net worth to rise much more to over $400 million because of his father. So you want to know more about the actor? Stay with us till the end as we will share some important details about him here.

A Short Biography Of Seargeoh Stallone

Since you are reading this article, it is obvious that you are curious to know more about Sylvester Stallone’s son. Well, you have come to the right place as here we are going to share some interesting aspects about Seargeoh Stallone. Let’s find out!

Seargeoh was born in 1979 in the United States of America. So he is currently 43 years old. Needless to say, his fans know him best as the son of legendary actor Sylvester Stallone. He is the son of Sylvester’s first marriage to Sasha Zack. In fact, he also had an older brother, Sage Moonblood, who died of heart disease at the age of 36.

Unfortunately, doctors also diagnosed Seargeoh with autism at a young age, when his parents were at the peak of their careers. According to the sources, his grandfather was a hairdresser and author of the book “Stewart Lane,” while his grandmother was an astrologer and an early advocate of women’s wrestling. So you can easily understand what his family legacy is like. However, his parents’ marriage did not last long and his father married twice more. Therefore, Seargeoh has three half-sisters from these marriages.

Since he was an autistic child, he has been under the care and supervision of his family throughout his life. People thought he wouldn’t be able to have a career. What happened after that? Let’s find out!

Seargeoh’s Autism Diagnosis And Action

As you know, Seargeoh Stallone was diagnosed with autism when he was quite young. However, thanks to the support of his family, he was able to begin to care for himself. This also relieved the family. Of course, he did a lot of therapy and also attended a special school. This school integrated autism therapy into his daily life.

According to the sources, his father, Sylvester Stallone, didn’t like his son spending too much time in medical facilities. So he ignored his suggestions and took him under his wing. So Seargeoh began to be raised under his father. In addition, his family established a research fund under the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism.

However, unlike other autistic children who found it difficult to manage their basic needs, Seargeoh had the ability to do things independently. In fact, his condition improved at the age of 10. Back then, he appeared in the 1979 film “Rocky II” as Rocky Balboa’s newborn child. As you know, this movie is a sequel to Rocky. Many of the cast from the first film also reprised their roles in this film.

Sylvester Stallone and others wanted their son to follow his father’s profession; However, this proved almost impossible due to his condition. He wasn’t able to do everything as naturally as other children. Therefore, it was difficult for him to enter the film industry.

Is Seargeoh Dating Anyone?

Many of you may be curious to know the answer to this question, right? Well, let’s share the details. We don’t know much about his private life. In all likelihood, Seargeoh is single and not dating anyone. This is probably due to his condition. Many people sympathize with his health condition, but probably not enough to achieve this kind of intimacy.

According to the sources, Seargeoh remains close to his family and lives a very private life. Even the media has decided not to constantly bother him or pry into his personal life every now and then. In fact, Seargeoh doesn’t have a social media presence either. This is probably because he finds it difficult to manage his social media profiles.

His father, on the other hand, is very active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The actor uses the account to promote his current and upcoming projects. At the same time, Sylvester Stallone also uploads several photos and videos of his personal life. As you know, he also said a final goodbye to the iconic character Rocky Balboa when he announced that “Creed II” would be his final role as Rocky Andrew Upton. Janine Tate

Where is Seargeoh Stallone Now?

As mentioned, Seargeoh is very close to his family. He currently lives with his parents and other family members in their massive La Quinta mansion in California. However, other sources reveal that he remains with his mother, Alexandra Jane, “Sasha”, who is Sylvester Stallone’s first wife.

Well, whatever the case may be, Seargeogh Stallone prefers to keep to himself due to the ongoing effects of autism on him. In fact, he was also unable to engage in a romantic affair or marry anyone due to his mental health condition. However, he enjoys the love and care of his family members. In fact, his father, stepmother, and half-sisters love and care for him and have a warm relationship with him.


In conclusion, we can say that Seargeoh Stallone may not be a great actor, unlike his father; however, he has received love and recognition for his supporting roles in films. We hope that he stays healthy amidst the love and care of his family members.

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