Notti Osama Death: All You Need To Know

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Notti Osama Death
Notti Osama Death

Notti Osama, a name that was still budding in the rapping world when it vanished. Who was Notti Osama, and what horrific incident happened to him to have his voice erased forever? 

We will fill you in on all his details, so let us get right into the details.

Who Is Notti Osama and Where Is He Now? 

As bizarre as the name sounds, Notti Osama was the 14-year-old rapper’s stage name he chose to go by in the rapper’s world. His real name was Ethan Reyes, and he was a 14-year-old growing up in the genre of drill rapping as it was his passion. At first, you might imagine a racey and adult rapper as the name sounds; however, he was only a kid who recognized his field of passion, and it wasn’t the daily school life like other kids his age. 

However, there was a tragic end to Notti Osama as the field of drill rapping is not safe. The young rapper chose to sing and rap in harsh rapping, insulting rival rappers and using obscene language to gain attention. Notti Osama was the youngest of his siblings, as indicated by his young age, and he was given a free hand to venture as his elder brother, who also goes by a similar rap name called DD Osama, reportedly posted on his personal social media accounts regarding his little brother, Notti Osama to pay tribute to him. 

Now, you might be wondering how any family member can pay tribute to a person who is alive. Well, that’s the crux of the situation as the young drill rapper died in a heated fight with a rival 15-year-old drill rapper, which turned into a bloody battle where both were self-defending each other as they fought in the Manhattan Subway Station on 9 July 2022.

How Did Notti Osama Die? 

As we described above, whether the 14-year-old was murdered or died in an accident remains a question whirling in your mind, we are sure. However, read the full details of the incident that played out to read the conclusion of what happened on the unfateful day of the death of Noti Osama. 

While Noti Osama and his friends were walking about in the Manhattan area, they recognized Martinez, the 15-year-old rival drill rapper who also happened to be in the same place. Osama, along with his two other friends, following in his rage, started to chase the rival rapper, and in the heat of the scene, he also took up a broomstick with a clear intention to fight Martinez that day. 

What followed was a typical street fight from Hamilton Heights to the subway station; Notti Osama and his peers were behind the single Martinez and finally cornered him. 

Osama was carrying a broomstick, so he grabbed his chance and attacked the other 15-year-old rival. Upon this attack, unbeknown to Notti Osama and his friends, Martinez was not unarmed. When Osama attacked him, he took out his knife, attacked Notti Osama in return, and straight stabbed him in his abdomen. Due to this surprise attack in return, Osama couldn’t bear the damage as the knife pierced into a sensitive part of his body, and soon enough, he lost consciousness due to heavy bleeding.

The incident took place reportedly at 3 p.m. That day, police rushed to the incident soon enough; however, the damage was done. The police rushed the young drill rapper Notti Osama to the Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, however, to no benefit as Osama had already bled an unhealthy amount and expired before he could be treated. 

What Was Notti Osama’s Family Reaction? 

Due to this unfortunate incident, the CCTV footage of the bizarre fight was taken out for the investigators to conclude how the incident turned bloody and to charge the real culprit behind Notti Osama’s death. At first, as the investigators and police narrowed down on the CCTV footage, they captured the rival, 15-year-old Martinez, with second-degree murder. Still, upon further investigation, it was concluded that the opponent used the knife for self-defense. The footage clearly showed that Notti Osama was the first to attack Martinez, who, unlike Osama, was alone out and about in the same area. 

The Manhattan attorney’s office in the district reported that Osama’s ill intentions were quite evident in the footage and by the background of both rivals, as Osama and Martinez were both in the opposite rival groups and naturally had animosity between them. However, the police still found the stabber, Martinez, innocent as he acted out of self-defense upon the chase and broom attack by Notti Osama and his friends. The NYPD investigators helped solve the case and the tragic death of Notti Osama, as no matter the rivalry, he lost his life due to his deep habit of adopting a street-style drill rapping. 

His family, specifically Notti Osama’s cousin, Kevin Ventura, commented, “He just got caught up in the street life type sh*t. He just so happened to take a route in a style of music that ends up with art turning into violence. He would’ve taken the route of a pop singer or any other style of art or music, and he would’ve been super successful. It just so happens his style of music that he chose to do ended up reciprocating violence.” Kelly Mcginnis

Notti Osama’s elder brother also reportedly posted and said to have deeply regretted that he, DD Osama wasn’t there with him on the site as he was stabbed, thinking that he could save his still maturing little brother’s life. 

Final Word Of Notti Osama

Notti Osama died doing what he loved, drill rapping; however, to his family, he was a talented entertainer and had a passion for excelling in the rapping world, so he named himself Notti Osama. However, he got into unnecessary and dangerous affairs at a young age and tragically lost his life.

We hope the above information provided all the details regarding what happened to Notti Osama!

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