Who Is Dan Hayhurst? Pamela Anderson’s Ex-Husband As A Bodyguard

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Dan Hayhurst
Dan Hayhurst

Dan Hayhurst married Pamela Anderson on Christmas Eve 2020, making him the Baywatch star’s fourth husband.

Pamela Anderson has been busy lately with the release of her new memoir, Love, Pamela, and the Netflix documentary, Pamela, a Love Story, both released on Tuesday, January 31st.

With all the content reviving Pamela Anderson’s life, let’s take a look at her tumultuous relationship with her fourth husband, Dan Hayhurst.

Who is Dan Hayhurst?

Dan Hayhurst was Anderson’s bodyguard and is also a builder. Not much is known about Hayhurst himself, except that he was among the team of contractors who renovated Anderson’s home during the pandemic.

Hayhurst is reportedly a contractor at a Canadian animal shelter called RASTA Sanctuary< ​​ai=4>. In 2020, he helped build a barn for the sanctuary along with Anderson.

The sanctuary thanked the couple in an Instagram post, writing, “A photo of the incredibly generous couple making our dream of building a barn a reality.”

The Couple Met at Pamela’s Home

The couple met in 2020 at Pamela’s home on Vancouver Island, Canada. The 56-year-old told TheDailyMail that she bought the property “from [her] grandparents 25 years ago,” adding that it was “where [her] parents got married and they are still together. “

She renovated her home during the pandemic and told Vanity Fair that she was “romanticizing everything” at the time. “Everyone looked good – all the contractors that were here,” she said.

Appearing on talk show Loose Women in February 2021, Anderson said: “He worked here and I stayed stuck here during COVID and we stuck together.”

They tied the knot in a secret ceremony on December 24, 2022. “I’m exactly where I need to be – in the arms of a man who really loves me,” Anderson told TheMail. Yasin Cengiz

Their Marriage Ended In Disaster

Pamela and Dan Hayhurst’s marriage was ultimately short-lived as they separated a year later. In fact, she told Vanity Fair, “It ended up being a disaster.”

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Pamela revealed that it was “stupid” for her to become romantically involved with her contractor and that she now regrets it .

She said about the marriage, “It was worse than any other.” And I realized, “Oh my God, I’m stuck in this whole thing, what am I doing?” I just realized this is another disaster . … I paid for everything, cooking and cleaning for everyone. And so I got away as quickly as I could.”


Dan Hayhurst’s association with Pamela Anderson not only paints a picture of their personal relationship but also provides insight into his professional life as a bodyguard. While the public’s attention may often be drawn to the glamorous aspects of celebrity relationships, Hayhurst’s role as a protector underscores the importance of trust and dedication in such positions. Beyond his connection to Anderson, Hayhurst stands as a testament to the many unsung heroes in the security industry, demonstrating the blend of commitment, skill, and discretion required in safeguarding high-profile individuals.


How did Dan Hayhurst become famous?

Hayhurst gained public attention due to his marriage to Pamela Anderson, which brought his role as her bodyguard into the spotlight.

When did Dan Hayhurst and Pamela Anderson get married?

The exact date of Dan Hayhurst’s marriage to Pamela Anderson is not publicly disclosed. They kept their relationship relatively private.

Where is Dan Hayhurst from?

Dan Hayhurst is reported to be from Canada. Specific details about his place of birth and upbringing might not be widely available.

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